Friday 25 May 2018

GCQ Live on the Heath - Sunday 10th June

Yo good people! Like a bit of musical history? Sunday 10th June we're at Parliament Hill Fields Bandstand, Hampstead Heath; what's so historical about that? Well, back in the day (1968-1972 in fact) this was the venue for various rock/blues/psychodelia concerts that featured many legendary bands including: Pink Floyd, Pretty Things, Jefferson Airplane, Fairport Convention, Roy Harper, Pete Brown and his Battered Ornaments, Jody Grind and Musica Electronica Viva and .... ABBA! (no kidding). 

The full history is here:

More info/pics here:

And here:

Ok, ok you get the idea... So anyways in this fine tradition of music making merriment we'll be bringing all the groovy Boogaloo to the Heath from 3 to 5pm on Sunday 10th June. See you there!

Check us out: The Green Chain Quartet - Short Cuts (opens in a separate window in Youtube)

The GCQ... coming to a Bandstand near you.